Tomochain Price Prediction and Overview

TomoChain is an inventive solution for adaptability issue with the Ethereum blockchain, and other blockchain podiums and an open Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) companionable blockchain. The accompanying advantages are featured in their whitepaper as compared to other well performing blockchains: low exchange charge, quick affirmation time, twofold approval and randomization for security ensures. 

Tomochain Overview

  • Tomochain describes itself as a most competent blockchain for the token economy which is highly protected and near zero fee transactional system. Tomochain ICO took place 1st & 2nd Jan 2018 and price was $0.25/TOMO. The total supply of TomoChain tokens is 100 Million which is very low supply.
  • TomoChain highlights a 150-Masternodes design with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) accord for almost zero fee, and immediate transaction affirmation. 
  • Safety, solidity and chain finality are ensured through novel structures, for example, twofold approval, staking by means of brilliant agreements and undeviating randomization forms. 
  • TomoChain bolsters all EVM- Well-suited smart contracts, conventions, and atomic cross-chain token transmissions. Scaling systems, for example, sharding, EVM parallelisation, private-chain age, equipment coordination will be ceaselessly inquired about and incorporated into TomoChain which will end up being a perfect adaptable shrewd agreement open blockchain for decentralized applications, token issuance and token mix for little and large organizations.

Tomochain Key Features

TomoChain Protocol’s

TomoZ Protocol- TomoZ where Z stands for zero. This protocol allowing holders to transfer TomoChain based tokens (TRC-21) without paying TOMO as a transaction fee as ERC-20 token holders pay transaction fee in ETH when they perform a transaction. TomoZ protocol will enable holders to pay transaction fee in native ERC-21 token. This protocol is game changer in crypto industry.


TomoX Protocol- Tomox is TomoChain’s decentralize exchange protocol. Decentralize exchanges work on the smart contracts while TomoX protocol will bypass the need of smart contracts to create decentralize order book. This is because TomoChain ecosystem will manage all this stuff. So, using TomoX protocol will save money for creating and auditing smart contracts.

TomoP Protocol- Internet freedom needs privacy and if your transactions are being watched or transaction history is available then person is not free to make their own decision. Therefore, TomoChain blockchain presents another protocol named TomoP for private transactions on the TomoChain public blockchain. TomoP is the first-ever EVM-compatible private transaction protocol with very fast transaction speed that allows anonymizing the transaction sender in a transaction without requiring an intermediary.

TomoChain Products

TOMO Wallet-
 Store TOMO tokens in TomoChain’s native wallet.

TOMO Master- TOMO token holders can apply for master node candidate using TOMO Master by depositing 50k TOMO or they can vote for master node candidate through TOMO Master.

TOMO Scan- Blocks, transactions, token information’s, smart contract etc these can be showed by TOMO Scan to bring TomoChain’s transparency. 

TomoChain Partnership’s

TomoChain & Binance- To migrate TOMO on Binance chain and to list TOMOB on Binance DEX, TomoChain and Binance Chain announced a partnership to work together to issue BEP-2 TOMO tokens on Binance chain.

TomoChain & Bitorb- Bitorb is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange which will share company’s net profit in Bitcoin to exchange users. Tomochain is glad to issue their orbyt token on TomoChain blockchain. Through partnership TomoChain will help Bitorb team to build a trustful and user-friendly wallet for users. 
More partnerships are: TomoChain & Noia, TomoChain & Contentos, TomoChain & Shyft, TomoChain & AIS, TomoChain & Constant, TomoChain & Terra, TomoChain & Lition, TomoChain & WisePass, TomoChain & Ledger Nano S, TomoChain & Georgian, National Blockchain Agency.

TomoChain Master Node and Staking Detail

Tomochain Master node allows you to collect 36% annual return (fees) which is very high as compared to other projects. In order to do that you have to deposit 50k TOMO tokens. Another best feature is that you can stake TOMO tokens in their native wallet and can earn 7% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).  Find more detail about TOMO staking and master node here.

Tomochain Price Forecast

1 TOMO=0.250 USD- Tomochain ICO price

1 TOMO=0.475 USD (Current Price)

1 TOMO=2.000 USD (All Time High)

1 TOMO=0.140 USD (All Time Low)

Invest in TOMO between 0.30-0.50 USD and hold it for Long term.
1 TOMO=10 USD (2020-2025)

Always do your own research before investing any project. 

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