What is OneLedger (OLT)?

Cross-Chain application platform that allows developers to extend blockchain technology & empowers high performance scaling using shared modified practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus scheme.

Key Features of OneLedger

Scalability: Off-loading Transaction processing to side-chains ensures scalability

Enterprise Connectivity: Bridging centralized and decentralized networks together, to bring business to web 3.0

Connectivity & Interoperability: Cross-Chain mechanics built into the protocol architecture with Lynx Engine

OneLedger have a product called Chronos Testnet which gives developers early opportunity to get their hands dirty with One Ledger’s protocol tech.

Lynx Engine is coming very soon

OneLedger Virtual Machine (OLVM) is in repairing

OneWallet is coming very soon

Partnerships with ZEROCAP, POLYMATH, TOMOCHAIN, V-ID and so on.

Partnership with Google Cloud Platform (updated).

Q3-Q4 (2019) Road map is also very interesting

Side-chains: to increase our transaction throughput

Governance: for a self-governance platform

Event Triggers: to update integrate software system

Staking: to create a trusted group of validators

Enterprise DSK: for easier connectivity

OneLedger (OLT) Price Forecast

ICO Token Price:   0.0517 USD

All Time High:      0.06645 USD

Current Price:        0.00510 USD or 0.00000050 BTC

Future Price Forecast: 0.050-0.10 USD (10x-20x from current price)

Currently trading less than 10x of ico price and less than 13x of all time high price. Total supply of token is only 1 Billion and current market cap is 1.7 million.


Cryptocurrencies are awfully unpredictable so always invest at your own risk. Invest the amount that you can afford to loss. I am not anyone’s financial advisor. I just shared my ideas with you people so that you can benefit from crypto currencies. I always try to invest first and then tell others. Always do your own research before investing. 

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